Artist management

Family Productions Agency … IS THE ANSWER

FPA provides you with professional and successful backing that will lift you to the top of your career being affiliated with platinum selling artists and cutting edge labels, production companies and management in the industry.

Family Productions Agency … MAKES IT EASY

With over 13 years in Artist Booking and Tour Production, FPA has already established it’s self has a high powered machine in the industry. Details are handled for you, no matter where you are located from booking individual dates to world wide tours.

Family Productions Agency … WORKING FOR YOU

Time consuming tasks such as searching for promoters and concert dates are minimized. Those repetitive secretarial duties such as answering phones and e-mails for bookings, typing out contracts, planning dates and tours are also minimized. You’ll have more time to devote to your promotions, recording and shaping your future.

Family Productions Agency … THE COMPETITIVE EDGE

In today’s entertainment business you cannot succeed without the proper contacts and knowledge. FPA is your gateway into a worldwide, billion dollar industry. Join the team with a success record for over a decade and is still going strong.


FPA support team can negotiate with the promoter on your behalf.


Learn ways to save money on every aspect of your bookings and get you top dollar for your talent.


You will have a full team of agents working for you fulltime, booking dates and tours backed by million dollar company with great reputation in the industry.


FPA puts you in the national market immediately by the use of our adverting campaign and promotional strategies that can produce hundreds of thousands of dollars in valuable exposure. You will be added to FPA marketing worldwide with the same attention as any artist on the roster in industries eye. Affiliation with key factors in the industry as an equal earning recognition and respect that you deserve from years of effort FPA has already completed.


You will have the opportunity to perform and get paid on major productions with thousands of people in attendance. Affiliation in the public’s eye showcasing your talent with established artists and companies.


We will submit your demos and packages to major record labels and management companies. When FPA gets you a record or management deal we do NOT take ANY additional money or % from you. We help you and advise you through the process and continue to book your concerts and tours.


You have no fear of non-renewal; the “Affiliation” is permanently yours. You are NOT committed to be exclusive with FPA and can leave at anytime.


FPA offers you association with a successful Booking Agency and Tour Production Company, in business for more then 12 years. You can be part of the #1 Worldwide Booking Agency. There are no guarantees in life, but we have a proven history of helping people make themselves successful. If you have faith in your talent we can be the tool to launch your career and help you succeed in the music industry.

The Goal we set at Family Productions Agency is to achieve the total satisfaction of our clients. By signing this agreement, you have agreed to adhere to all written and verbal guidelines set by the management of FPA. From this day forth, if anyone approaches you for a show or music tracks, you may refer them to an agent of FPA. FPA has been in the booking and concert business for 13 years. The fee to join us is $3,500. Once payment is made in full you will be added to the website, roster, various advertising and you will be featured on a personalized Newsletter reaching close to 350,000. We work with shows worldwide and cover everything from booking, concert production, road management, graphic design and more. This benefits our artists as we shop their talent worldwide to talent buyers and record labels. For more background information, check out our website at